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Structure Updates

EGC is looking for people interested in staff positions, message Deathkilla for more information

EGC Staff Members

Thank you all Staff members for all your hard work and dedication, Its really starting to show in EGC!

EGC New High Council System

EGC now has a New High Council System in which we rotate the High Council every 3 months to change up the pace in EGC.

Elite Gamers Executives

CEO: David Brandin - IGN: EGC Deathkilla

High Council Member: Ryan Tran - IGN: Cal

High Council Member: Ryan Arendash - IGN: Mid U Win

EGC Message

Elite Gamers Community is a place where any player from across the world can partake in a friendly, chill and enjoyable gaming experience. EGC is like a family, we know each and every member and we plan on keeping it that way. So feel free to hop on in and keep the vibe alive here at EGC

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The Creed

We are the Elite Gamers Community, brought together by our common interest in Gaming, Friendship, and most importantly being the best at what we do. We are one big family, with each individual having their own unique style and goals. We do what we Love and we Love what we do, that's what makes us Elite Gamers.